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Flexible up to 16 Track iPad MIDI Drum Sequencer
With Smart Randomizer + Trigger and CC Mutation
★★★★★ Five star rating on the App Store
Works standalone or as AUv3 MIDI plugin
iOS 12 upwards
Also runs on M Macs and Apple Vision Pro



OCTACHRON iPad MIDI Drum Sequencer

“OCTACHRON is almost perfect now” - haQ attaQ

More Voices

“An exciting MIDI sequencer with advanced features”
- Synth Anatomy
“Particularly the probability parameters are a lot of fun”
- Amazona
“OCTACHRON controls just everything with iPad”
- Gearnews

“Favorite MIDI Sequencer - User's Choice Award”
- iOS AUv3 Facebook Group



  • Standalone or AUv3 MIDI plugin
  • Works inside AUM, Cubasis, Logic Pro, Beatmaker, ApeMatrix, Nanostudio and other hosts compatible with MIDI AudioUnit (Not GarageBand)
  • Optimized for drums but also fun for basic melody lines
  • 1-32 steps with flexible clock divider and custom time signatures
  • Up to 16 mutable tracks with flexible length
  • Up to 8 chainable patterns (song mode)
  • Swing with flexible swing grid
  • Save and restore your presets
  • Parameter lock for velocity, trigger probability, trigger condition, ratcheting and MIDI CC Modulation
  • Scales generator
  • MIDI control pattern selection and mute
  • Customizable mapping and mapping presets
  • Works iOS 12 upwards
  • Also runs on M Macs and Apple Vision Pro

mapping presets for drum apps and hardware

  • AR-909, Axxon 2 & Blip Box
  • Dadamachines Automat, Digistix & DM1/DM2/Drumlab
  • DrumComputer by Sugar Bytes
  • EGDR 606, 808 & 909
  • FAC Drumkit, Hammerhead & Koala Sampler
  • MV08 & NS2 Slate
  • Pure Acid Drums
  • Ruismaker & Ruismaker FM
  • SDS-X, Sitala & Splat-To-Clat
  • VADrumSM, VADrum2 808 & 909
  • Vatanator
  • Korg Electribe EMX & ER-1
  • Korg Volca Beats
  • MFB 522
  • Roland MC-101
  • Roland TR-08 & TR-8S
  • Roland TR-707 & 727
  • Roland TR-808
  • Roland TR-909
  • And many more to come ...

Smart Randomizer

  • Smart pattern randomizer
  • Randomizer configuration per track
  • Trigger mutation per track
  • Mutation of internal and CC modulation parameters

Track Settings

  • Assign MIDI notes to each track or use mapping presets
  • Individual track length to create polyrhythms
  • Mute tracks to easily create build ups in live situations


  • OCTACHRON lets you sequence other standalone apps, AUv3 AudioUnits or external hardware via MIDI
  • OCTACHRON derives its timing from its host application, its internal clock or via AbletonLink

And more ...

  • OCTACHRON Works offline
  • No push notifications
  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • No third-party behavioural tracking tools
  • Ongoing development and support and many new features on the list



  • 1-32 steps
  • 1-16 tracks
  • 8 patterns
  • Smart Randomizer
  • Mutation
  • Pattern chaining
  • Swing
  • Flexible swing grids


  • Song mode
  • Pattern chaining
  • Pattern repeat
  • Copy / Paste

Parameter Lock

  • Velocity
  • Ratcheting
  • Trigger probability
  • Trigger condition
  • 8 CCs per Track
  • Mutation of Internal and CC Modulation


  • Individual length
  • Mute


  • Edit MIDI note per track
  • Edit CC addresses
  • Presets for popular drum apps and hardware


  • Standalone
  • Audio Unit v3 Extension
  • Ableton LINK
  • MIDI out


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